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Attorneys draft thorough protections for prospective sellers and purchasers in Illinois

When a buyer agrees to purchase real estate from the seller and the latter takes it off the market, it is said to be “under contract.” However, the actual written contract to convey the property may require further review, negotiation, redrafting and modification before it is signed. The attorneys at Skinner Law Firm, P.C. have the experience and skill to make sure that real estate contracts protect our clients’ interests and cover all important issues, minimizing the possibility of errors that can lead to misunderstanding and possibly litigation.

Experienced real estate attorneys draft and review contracts

A real estate contract sets forth the complete agreement between the buyer and seller about the subject and terms of the transaction. Whether we represent the buyer or the seller, we make sure the contract is clear and complete regarding both parties’ rights and obligations. As the seller’s attorney, we draft the contract and as the buyer’s attorney we review and suggest changes or addendums. Our in-depth understanding of real estate law allows us to identify and insist on terms and provisions necessary to protect our client’s interests and to avoid potential problems in the transaction.

Real estate contract attorneys offer a range of services to clients

A real estate contract will vary depending on the nature of the property, the use to which it is put and the needs of the parties. We can adapt a contract to fit whatever circumstances might apply, including transactions involving multiple parties with divergent interests.

Our services also include crafting solutions for unusual or emergent situations, such as these:

  • Short sales — If a property has mortgages and liens valued at more than its market value, we might be able to arrange a short sale, in which the mortgagees and lienholders agree to accept less than what you owe them as full settlement of their debts, thereby leaving your property free and clear for the purchaser.
  • Boundary or easement disputes — We work with surveyors and other title experts to determine the accurate status of the property and any competing interests. If advisable, we negotiate an agreement to settle the matter, making payments to the contesting party and then taking steps to correct the title description.
  • Tenants’ rights — If you are selling or buying rental property, we make sure that the contract provides for preservation or termination of existing tenancies as may be desired and that the property complies with all land use rules and restrictions.
  • Commercial development — If you own or are purchasing commercial property that you wish to develop, we can negotiate and draft agreements with architects, contractors and others needed to accomplish that aim, as well as with any commercial tenants to whom you lease space.

Those are only some of the contract services we can provide. No matter what side of a transaction you are on, our main focus is the protection and enhancement of your property rights through precise and detailed contract language that deals with all possible contingencies.

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If you need an attorney to negotiate, draft, review or modify a real estate contract, Skinner Law Firm, P.C. will supply the effective representation you need. We have been providing trusted legal services throughout the Cook County area for nearly 20 years. Please call 312-635-6459 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation at our Bridgeview office.

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