Commercial Vehicle Violations

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Commercial Vehicle Violations in Illinois

Bridgeview attorney defends truckers accused of infractions

Getting ticketed presents a variety of problems for someone with a Commercial Driver’s License. You might even risk losing your CDL for infractions that occur while you’re driving your personal car or truck. Other negative effects of a citation include fines, wasted time, higher insurance costs and potential trouble with your employer. At Skinner Law Firm, P.C. in Bridgeview, we represent clients in all types of commercial vehicle violation cases. Whether your situation involves a moving or non-moving offense, we will counter unsupported allegations and press for a result that minimizes the disruption to you and your job.  

Moving versus non-moving offenses in Illinois

Though you might have to pay a fine for a non-moving violation, those citations do not have to be reported to federal authorities, so it is possible that you will avoid increased insurance costs. If you’re accused of a moving violation that would come with license points, attorney Steven E. Skinner II can seek to negotiate with prosecutors to reduce the charge. Under a recently passed Illinois law, non-moving violations cannot result in license suspension, so pleading down to a non-moving offense might be the key to keeping you behind the wheel.

Types of non-moving violations

If you drive a truck for a living, you need to be aware of the following non-moving violations that can lead to fines and might put your job at risk:

  • Overweight vehicles — The amount of the fine associated with driving an overweight commercial vehicle varies depending on how far the truck is over the limit. If the excess is fewer than 2,000 pounds, the fine is $100. This increases gradually. Operators of vehicles more than 5,000 pounds over the allowed maximum are subject to a fine of at least $1,500.
  • Parking offenses — You could be ticketed for parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or more than 12 inches from the curb. With their size and length, tractor-trailers might end up on a sidewalk or somewhere else where it is prohibited to park.
  • Exhaust problems — Driving with a broken muffler or another type of exhaust problem doesn’t just put you at risk of a citation, but also creates a hazard to you and others on the road. Vehicle noise violations carry a fine of at least $75 and faulty exhaust systems might result in a failed inspection.
  • Improper window tinting — Front windows on trucks using Illinois roads cannot have a tint level that allows less than 50 percent of the light in. The typical penalty for this infraction is a fine between $50 and $500.
  • Broken equipment — Violations of equipment rules, such as broken mirrors or tail lights might result in a fine of $75 or more.
  • Lack of valid license — If you drive while your license has been revoked or suspended, that is a misdemeanor according to state law. You could also be punished for expired tags or the lack of proper authorization for the type of cargo you are carrying.

Attorney Steven E. Skinner II has a strong track record defending drivers accused of CDL violations. If you’ve been cited for an alleged offense, our firm is ready to help you fight that ticket.

Contact an Illinois defense lawyer if you’re accused of a commercial vehicle violation

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