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When people discuss the “decriminalization” of marijuana in Illinois and other locations, they miss the big picture. While legalized medical marijuana has existed for years and now some recreational use is permitted, you could still suffer severe punishment if you do not follow the strict laws addressing pot within the state. Skinner Law Firm, P.C. in Bridgeview provides comprehensive legal support to individuals accused of state and federal marijuana offenses as well as other drug-related crimes.

Restrictions on marijuana possession

The legalization of recreational marijuana in January 2020 did not signal the end of marijuana possession charges in Illinois. Numerous restrictions still exist on the possession and use of weed, and one violation could put you in jail. Specific limits include the following:

  • Amount — Legalization was designed to decriminalize personal marijuana use. Accordingly, if you are not part of a licensed dispensary and are found with more than 30 grams of cannabis flower (about one ounce), you can expect to be arrested. This could mean that if you volunteered to bring enough pot for everyone at a party, you might wind up in serious trouble.
  • Age — Like alcohol, you must be 21 years old to consume marijuana legally. The purchase, possession or use of cannabis by someone who has not reached that age is a crime.
  • Travel — Marijuana remains prohibited by federal law, and additional laws exist that bar traveling with drugs across state lines, so even a short trip to Indiana could lead to federal charges.
  • Location — Public consumption of marijuana is still illegal. Even in your car, you are not allowed to smoke or vape a cannabis product.
  • Residency — A government-issued photo ID is required to purchase non-medicinal marijuana legally. Due to the federal prohibition on the drug, non-citizens cannot purchase pot. Even immigrants who buy at a legal dispensary could risk deportation.

If you’ve been arrested on any type of marijuana charge, our firm will get to work immediately to review the relevant circumstances and determine what is the best course of defense.

Consequences of a weed possession conviction in Illinois

Possession of marijuana that is over the 30-gram limit but less than 100 grams is a misdemeanor offense for a first offender. The maximum jail term is one year and the top fine is $2,500. Possession of more than 100 grams is a felony, which not only could result in a prison sentence, but also the loss of certain rights, including the right to vote, own a gun and serve on a jury. Sale of more than 10 grams of cannabis is also a felony. Along with incarceration, someone found guilty of a marijuana charge might also face probation, a fine, community service and required drug abuse classes.

How a criminal record can hurt you

Though many people don’t consider marijuana to be a dangerous drug, a cannabis-related conviction has the same negative effects as any other type of crime. You might lose out on an employment opportunity, student loan or security clearance if you violated the laws governing weed possession and delivery. Retaining a qualified drug crimes attorney is the most important step you can take to protect your rights and avoid unjust punishment.

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