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Even a first-time charge of driving under the influence in Illinois is very serious. When it is a second offense, the penalties can be much harsher. At Skinner Law Firm, P.C. in Bridgeport, we represent clients who have been accused of DUI after having already been convicted of drunk driving previously. Depending on the circumstances, we work to get charges dismissed or reduced. When you’re facing prosecution, you can trust Attorney Steven E. Skinner II to stand up for your rights and interests throughout your legal proceedings. 

What are penalties for second-time DUI in Illinois?

A second-time DUI conviction in Illinois is a Class A misdemeanor. It carries much tougher penalties than for a first-time offense. Penalties for a second-offense DUI conviction can include:

  • Jail time of up to one year
  • A maximum fine of $2,500
  • Suspension of your driver’s license for 5 years
  • If blood-alcohol content is .16 or greater, there is mandatory incarceration of at least two days and a minimum fine of $1,250

Sometimes people convicted of second-time DUI may be able to get a restricted driving permit (RDP), so they can get to work or school, to medical appointments and to alcohol treatment programs. In order to get an RDP, an ignition interlock device must be installed on your car. This device works like a breathalyzer test. A reading under the legal intoxication limit must be registered in order to start the car. When we handle your case, we’ll examine the facts involved in your traffic stop, how the breath test was administered and other evidence to determine if your rights were violated.

All prior DUI convictions count when determining multiple offender status

Many states have DUI “look back” periods during which prior DUI convictions are counted for determining multiple offender status. So if a person is arrested for a second time for DUI but their previous conviction was outside the look back period, that case would be sentenced as if it is a first-time DUI. However, all Illinois DUI convictions permanently remain on driving records and are considered in sentencing when it comes to jail time and fines in subsequent drunk-driving cases. For driver’s license suspensions, there is a look back period of 20 years. If your second DUI is outside of this 20-year time frame, the length of license suspension would be based on the first-offense standards. 

Potential aggravating factors in a second DUI case

There are aggravating factors in a second DUI that can result in felony DUI charges and greatly increased penalties. These factors include:

  • If a person is driving with a child under 16 years old
  • If a child under 16 was injured
  • If the DUI occurred while driving a school bus
  • If the DUI resulted in a death
  • If you were driving passengers in a vehicle for hire
  • If your license was revoked or suspended

No matter your situation, we will carefully investigate all the circumstances in your case and seek to get you the best outcome possible given the circumstances.

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