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Entertainment Lawyers in Bridgeview, IL Offer Range of Legal Services

Attorneys protect artists’ and performers’ rights in contracts and transactions

If you work in the entertainment industry, you want to focus your attention on your craft without having to worry about the legal issues that may arise. That’s why you need a competent, trustworthy entertainment lawyer to represent your interests. Attorney Steven E. Skinner of Skinner Law Firm, P.C. is an experienced advocate for individuals in music, television, film and radio as well as magazine and book publishing. We will vigorously protect you in contract negotiations and in all of your professional dealings.

What does an entertainment lawyer do?

An entertainment lawyer may represent anyone in the entertainment industry, including actors, comedians, musicians, singers, dancers, directors and producers. Unlike an agent, the entertainment lawyer’s role is not to find work for his or her clients but to make sure that all of their legal rights are protected, making sure that they get the royalties and other compensation they earned.

Whatever your role in the industry, you need the experienced and skilled representation of our team on all matters affecting your legal rights. We provide a number of important services to our entertainment clients, including:

  • Negotiating and drafting contracts with agents, promoters, performance venues and production companies
  • Securing copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property protections
  • Resolving potential problems that may arise in your work and professional relationships
  • Keeping up on the cutting edge of new trends in entertainment technology, such as streaming music and video services, that affect industry norms and compensation schemes

We take on the difficult job of protecting your legal rights so that you can focus on the creative work you love.

Experienced attorneys manage copyright issues

One of the important and complicated issues in entertainment law is copyright, the exclusive right of an author, composer or other producer of a creative work, such as a book, movie, TV show, theatrical piece, song or other composition, to make use of it or to authorize others to do so. When the works of two different artists are similar, a question arises whether one of them has illegally infringed on the copyright of the other. Defenses to infringement include the general right of the public to make “fair use” of a work for certain purposes, such as criticism, research, journalism and parody. The internet and its related technologies have had a marked impact on copyright protections. Whether you are a copyright owner or are defending against infringement claims, we are skilled in the full range of remedies available to vindicate your rights.

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If you work in the entertainment industry, Skinner Law Firm, P.C. will offer the sound advice and effective representation you need to protect your professional interests. We have been providing trusted legal services throughout the Cook County area for nearly 20 years. Please call 312-635-6459 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation at our Bridgeview office.

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