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Dedicated Bridgeview attorney defends against a variety of criminal charges

Being investigated or arrested is as serious as it gets. At Skinner Law Firm, P.C. in Bridgeview, Illinois, we provide zealous defense for individuals in Cook County accused of a wide range of crimes, including DUI, traffic offenses and drug crimes. We also assist in procedural matters, such as driver’s license reinstatement and criminal record expungement. With over 18 years of criminal courtroom experience, both as a state prosecutor and defender, we are well positioned to handle any criminal law case.

Tough defender advocates for the rights of the accused

Breaking the law in Illinois has serious consequences. That’s why it’s critical to enlist the help of a competent and resourceful criminal defense attorney. My firm has a proven track record of building effective defenses for misdemeanor and felony crimes, including:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI) — Drivers in Illinois can be arrested for drunk driving if a breath, blood or urine test reveals a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher. A DUI arrest can lead to fines, court-ordered counseling and treatment, automatic suspension of your driver’s license and even jail. we will explore the legality of the initial traffic stop, the validity of the BAC results and the correctness of law enforcement’s actions to develop a strong defense.
  • Drug crimes — Illinois criminalizes the possession, delivery and manufacture of certain controlled substances and unauthorized prescription drugs. The severity of the penalties you face depend on the type and quantity of drugs involved as well as what you intended to do with the drugs. We are prepared to conduct a full investigation of your drug case to determine if your constitutional rights were violated during the arrest and/or seizure of the drugs.
  • Traffic offenses — Traffic violations can lead to fines, increased insurance rates, and driver’s license suspension or revocation. We represent clients in administrative and criminal hearings for cases involving excessive speeding, reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, and fleeing or eluding the police.

The prosecution is busy building its case, so it’s important that you don’t delay obtaining legal counsel if you’ve been accused of any crime.

Savvy law firm assists clients in getting a fresh start

Having a criminal record can have a long-lasting and far-reaching impact on your personal and professional life. Fortunately, under Illinois law, you may be eligible to have your criminal record expunged or sealed. At Skinner Law Firm, P.C., we can petition the court to physically destroy your record or remove

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Facing criminal prosecution? Don’t go it alone. Skinner Law Firm, P.C. has been defending clients throughout the Cook County area for more than 18 years, and we are ready to put that experience to work for you. Please call 312-635-6459 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation at my Bridgeview, Illinois office.

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