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Illinois Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer

Bridgeview firm assists individuals accused of bringing drugs into the state

People often associate drug trafficking with kingpins living in foreign mansions. However, even a short drive from Indiana or Wisconsin can subject someone to a serious drug trafficking charge and the increased penalties that come with it. Skinner Law Firm, P.C., located in Bridgeview, provides exceptional defense counsel to individuals accused of trafficking and other offenses involving controlled substances. In the Chicagoland area and throughout Illinois, our firm represents clients facing state and federal drug trafficking prosecutions.

Penalties for drug trafficking under Illinois law

In Illinois, controlled substance trafficking carries a minimum sentence that is double what the same charge would be for intrastate distribution of the same drug in the same amount. Accordingly, punishment is very harsh regardless of the specific controlled substance. Trafficking sentences for specific drugs include:  

  • Heroin and cocaine — Controlled substances are divided into five “schedules,” with Schedules I and II representing the most dangerous drugs which do not provide any medicinal benefit. Heroin and cocaine are included within these categories, and a trafficking charge involving between 15 and 100 grams carries a minimum 12-year prison sentence. The minimum term rises to 18 years if between 100 and 400 grams is found, and sentences get even tougher for higher amounts. 
  • Marijuana — Despite the fact that it is now legal for Illinois residents 21 and older to possess an amount of marijuana consistent with personal use, unlawful trafficking of cannabis still carries a multi-year sentence. To qualify as trafficking, the defendant must be found with at least 2,500 grams of marijuana. A conviction would trigger a sentence running from eight to 30 years. Seizures at or above 5,000 grams are punishable by incarceration for between 12 and 60 years.
  • Methamphetamine — Due to the potency of methamphetamine, smaller amounts of the drug could result in a long trafficking sentence. Under the Illinois Methamphetamine Control and Community Protection Act, you could face a prison term running from 12 to 60 years for transporting between 5 and 15 grams of meth into the state. The minimum sentence is 16 years for seizures of at least 15 grams.

There are also federal laws prohibiting trafficking and, in many cases, minimum prison sentences start at five years. No matter the particular substance or justice system, you need an effective drug crimes attorney to find the weaknesses in the case brought by the prosecution. Steven E. Skinner II has the skill and experience necessary to construct a formidable defense on your behalf. 

Defense against drug possession allegations

Though trafficking and delivery charges are more severe, you could also face several years in prison for violating Illinois drug possession laws. Holding an amount that exceeds what is normally associated with personal use could result in a multiyear prison sentence. Regardless of what controlled substance offense you’ve been accused of, we will investigate the facts thoroughly to determine if evidence was seized improperly or if other defenses exist that could lead to a case dismissal, acquittal or reduced charge.   

Contact an Illinois attorney if you’ve been charged with drug trafficking

Skinner Law Firm, P.C. in Bridgeview represents Illinois clients in state and federal drug trafficking cases. To make an appointment for a free initial consultation with an experienced defense attorney, please call 312-635-6459 or contact us online.

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