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Drivers in the Chicago area have to be tough to deal with heavy traffic, poorly maintained roads and winter weather conditions. Still, even the most experienced motorists in the area need to be particularly careful about traveling in certain areas that are known for dangerous accidents. No one from around here will be surprised that Cook County dominates the list of Illinois roads with the highest fatality rates.

A survey conducted by MoneyGeek reviewed approximately 3,000 deadly crashes that occurred within the state between 2018 and 2020. Eight of the 10 deadliest stretches occurred in Chicago and the immediate surrounding area. The list includes interstate highways, state roads and regular city streets where at least seven people died in fatal collisions over the three-year period.

Specific trouble spots in and around Chicago include:

  • Interstate 57 between exits 353 and 348 — According to the review, more Cook County fatal accidents occur on Interstate 57 than anywhere else. A particular stretch of about four miles running between exits 353 and 348 has the highest incidence of deadly collisions. This section of the highway runs through Blue Island, Riverdale, Markham and Posen.
  • Ashland Avenue — As a major four-lane thoroughfare through Chicago, Ashland Avenue is a hazardous area for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. In the 3.5 miles between West 47th and West 74th streets, there were nine deadly accidents during the review period.
  • State Route 43 (Harlem Avenue) — Known as Harlem Avenue within Chicago, the portion of Illinois State Route 43 that goes by Midway Airport is especially dangerous, with more than two fatal accidents per mile between West 34th Street and West 63rd Street. This zone also includes parts of Summit and Berwyn.

There are many other highly dangerous roads in the Chicago area. Sections of I-94, I-290, I-55, Lake Street and 87th Street also made the list. Of course, a serious crash can occur anywhere at any time, even on a street that was previously safe. Whatever the cause might be, if you’ve been hurt in an auto accident or someone you love has died in a crash, it’s time to find an experienced lawyer.

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